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HKSAR V Chu Ang FACC 6/2019

The Court of Final Appeal has adjourned the above appeal which had originally be set down for a substantive hearing on 21 February 2020.

On 15 November 2019, leave was granted by the Court of Final Appeal on the proper construction of “agent” for the purposes of section 9 of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance, Cap 201. (FAMC 34/2019)

Dr. Gerard McCoy SC has been instructed to appear for the appellant, the HKSAR.

There is currently no date for the rescheduled appeal.

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Re: X STMP 987/2019

Albert N.B. Wong represented the Applicant successfully setting aside a warrant before the same Magistrate who had originally granted it ex parte, authorising the search and seizure of the Applicant’s medical records.

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Lee Wing Ho v A Magistrate, Another Magistrate and Commissioner of Police HCAL 132/2020

Dr Gerard McCoy SC and Albert N.B. Wong are representing the Applicant challenging the obtaining of a ‘bulk warrant’ singularly granting limitless access to all the digital contents stored in over 50 electronic devices which were seized and taken to 22/F of Police Headquarters.

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HKSAR v Tai Yiu Ting; Chan Kin Man; Chu Yiu Ting & ors (CACC 128/2019)

Dr Gerard McCoy SC and Albert N.B. Wong are representing Chan Kin Man and Reverend Chu Yiu Ting in their appeal for their respective roles in the “Occupy Movement” in 2014.

The appeal is scheduled to be heard on 24 -26 February 2020.

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Hong Kong Journalists Association (“HKJA”) v Commissioner of Police and Secretary for Justice HCAL 2915/2019

Albert N.B. Wong of Gilt Chambers is currently acting for the HKJA challenging the actions of the Police regarding the treatment of journalists during the recent protests, namely:

1. The failure of the HKPF to facilitate, and not to hinder, lawful journalistic activities in the course of Public Order Events (POEs) on and after 12 June 2019, and the failure of the Commissioner to address a catalogue of operational deficiencies in that connection (Decision 1);

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