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This site is intended to provide general information on Gilt Chambers and its members. Nothing on this site constitutes legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.

All barristers in Hong Kong practice as sole practitioners. Gilt Chambers provides administrative support for the barristers in chambers but is in no way responsible for their practice.

Under Hong Kong law, no conflict of interest arises from barristers in the same set of chambers being instructed on opposing sides of the same matter.

For Hong Kong litigation matters or the provision of advice on Hong Kong law to lay clients in Hong Kong, barristers are, with certain exceptions, required to be instructed through a solicitor practicing in Hong Kong. For other matters, such as international arbitration or advice on the law of other jurisdictions, barristers may, if they wish, accept instructions directly from clients.

For more details of the rules governing a barrister’s practice, please see the Hong Kong Bar Association website.

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Members of Gilt Chambers’ have a diverse range of backgrounds and experience. Many hold qualifications outside of law, or have worked in other industries and apply this wide range of knowledge to their everyday practice.

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