One of the largest chambers in Hong Kong, with a diverse range of barristers equipped with specific skills for every legal scenario.

Since 1991

Founded by the late Dr Gerard McCoy SC, Gilt Chambers has developed into one of the largest chambers in Hong Kong.  Our members have since appeared in some of the leading cases in Hong Kong, tackling a range of issues from the unique fundamentals of Hong Kong constitutional law, to international commercial agreements, and complex criminal disputes.

Gilt Chambers is committed to being on the forefront of the law to provide the latest and most relevant advice in our fast-paced and evolving city. Many are involved in pioneering cases in which modern technology or changing societal beliefs have forced us to rethink conventional legal principles.  Other members are also continuing with further scholarship, are qualified to practise in other jurisdictions, or have experience in other industries, and can communicate within real-life situations.

This website aims to provide an introduction to our members and the work in which they are involved, as well as commentary on any news that affects the legal community and developments of the law.  Please feel free to browse through the Recent News section and our members’ profiles for more information about their latest work.


Members of Gilt Chambers’ have a diverse range of backgrounds and experience. Many hold qualifications outside of law, or have worked in other industries and apply this wide range of knowledge to their everyday practice.

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Practice Areas

Our members have a wide range of practice areas within Hong Kong and internationally.


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