Peter K.M. Chung

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Year of call: 2017 (Hong Kong), 1994 (Solicitor: Hong Kong)

Peter’s practice covers a broad range of civil and criminal matters, including in particular, shipping, trade, commercial, corporate, personal injury and criminal litigation. Peter also conducts arbitration.

Peter was a solicitor for over 20 years before joining the Bar.

Peter was a litigation solicitor working with international and major local law firms between 1994 and 2005. In that period, Peter conducted litigation involving shipping, trade and commercial disputes, many of which involved a cross-border element. He also acquired substantial experience in arbitration. On the criminal law side, Peter assisted clients in handling prosecution by the authorities in certain high-profile import and export cases. Peter was an inhouse counsel, and subsequently the Head of Legal of a group with companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Singapore Stock Exchange from 2005 to 2016. He was involved in a number of major acquisitions, fund raising projects, setting up of new businesses, as well as contentious corporate and debt restructuring exercises. Peter also ran major litigation and arbitration for the group, internationally and locally. In that period, he acquired a deep understanding of business and corporate operations and strategies


[email protected]

Direct Phone Number: +852 6901 8729

Legal Qualifications:

1997, LLM
1992, PCLL
1991, LLB

Academic Qualifications:

2013, MA


Associate Member, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators

Scholarships, prizes & honourable mentions:

David Ling book prize

Hsin Chong scholarship (travelling)

Bentham scholarship

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