Jacqueline K K Chan

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Year of call: 2017 (Hong Kong)

Jacqueline is developing a broad civil and criminal practice and accepts instructions in a wide range of practice areas including but not limited to Bankruptcy, Criminal, Commercial, Company, Employment, Intellectual Property, Matrimonial, Medical and Personal Injuries matters. She is capable of conducting hearings in both Chinese and English.

Jacqueline joined Gilt Chambers in 2017 following completion of her pupillage with Mr. Osmond Lam, Mr. Colin Wright, Mr. Giles Surman and Mr. Douglas Clark.


Email: [email protected]
Office No: 28668233
Fax No: 28667858

Legal Qualifications:

2021, LLM in Medical Law & Ethics, University of Hong Kong
2016, PCLL, Chinese University of Hong Kong
2015, JD, Chinese University of Hong Kong
2013, MPhil in Criminology, University of Cambridge
2012, BA (Honours) in Legal Studies, University of Waterloo


Member of the Family Law Association of Hong Kong
Member of the New Medico-Legal Society of Hong Kong

Languages spoken:

Cantonese, Mandarin and English

Cases involved in:

Asahi Iwasawa & Associates Management Consultants Ltd v Shibakawa (Hong Kong) Ltd [2021] HKCFI 2668 (HCA969/2014, 10/09/2021)
Represented the Defendant in a counterclaim rehearing involving limitation point

AKYC v DK [2021] HKFC 131 (FCMC7376/2017, 05/07/2021)
Represented the Petitioner in children custody matter

HKSAR v Tsang Cheung-yan [2022] 1 HKLRD 167, [2021] HKCA 1656
Represented the Prosecution for a criminal appeal against conviction

Tohkoh Jushi Co Ltd v HSBC [2018] HKCFI 656 (HCMP184/2018, 21/03/2018)
Obtained Norwich Pharmacal order on behalf of the Plaintiff

Ng Chun Sang, also known as Ng Chun Sang and Ng Ma Sang v Persons in Occupation of Lot no 544 and the remaining portion of Lot no. 539 both in Demarcation District no. 77 and another [2018] HKDC 1457 (DCCJ3463/2018, 27/11/2018) 
Resisted an injunction on behalf of the 2nd Defendant

TYT v LSC [2019] HKFC 32 (FCMC13567/2012, 18/02/2019)
Represented the Petitioner in Ancillary Relief matter

W, K M v K, J [2020] HKFC 47 (FCMP92/2018, 06/05/2020)
Represented the Respondent in interim custody matter

Re Tang Hoi Wan [2021] HKCFI 1634 (HCB2936/2020, 07/06/2021)
Represented Trustees in bankruptcy matter relating to income payment order

Rickeed Industries Ltd & Another v Hong Kong Tohkoh Co Ltd [2022] HKCFI 106 (HCA2280/2015, 13/01/2022)
Represented the Defendant in Sale of Goods matters

Sun Po, alias Michael v Director of Legal Aid [2021] 2 HKLRD 1016, [2021] HKCFI 1309
Represented HKSAR in a Judicial Review application

有關李永業的事宜 [2022] HKCFI 764 (HCB4603/2019, 17/03/2022)

曾 對 羅 [2022] HKFC 40 (FCMC13567/2012, 11/03/2022)

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