Fontanne Chu 朱方婷

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Year of call: 2020 (Hong Kong), 2024 (Solicitor: England and Wales)

Fontanne joined Chambers in 2020 after completing her pupillage with Mr. Osmond Lam, Mr. Jonathan Ah-Weng, Mr. Vincent Lung and Mr. Timothy Parker.

Before joining the bar, Fontanne read international law at NYU with emphasis on cross border commercial disputes and crimes. She also interned at the United Nations International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals.

Fontanne is developing a broad civil practice. She has been involved in cases concerning trusts, insolvency, land, probate, family, regulatory and compliance, as well as commercial and corporate matters.

Legal Qualifications:

2019 LLM (International Legal Studies), New York University School of Law
2018 PCLL, University of Hong Kong
2017 LLB, London School of Economics

Scholarships, prizes & honourable mentions:

2019 International Law and Human Rights Fellowship
2019 Human Rights Scholar

Languages spoken:

English, Cantonese and Mandarin

Cases involved in:


Jolly Rise Holdings Ltd v Luk Hing Entertainment Group Holdings Ltd – application for a validation order under section 182 of the Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions Ordinance) (Cap. 32) and resisting winding up petition (HCCW 467/2022) (as sole advocate).

Glory Sun Land Group Ltd v Kang Ning & Anor – injunction restraining the presentation of winding up petition (HCMP 682/2023) (as sole advocate).

Mayer Holdings Ltd v Chen ZhiRui & Anor – injunction restraining the presentation of winding up petition (HCMP 1350/2023) (as sole advocate).

Written Advice – whether creditors of a company in liquidator may apply for inspection of specific documents of the debtor company (as sole counsel).

Injunction/ Receivership

Zhu Jun v Associative Reserve – proprietary injunction and receivership application (HCA 1458/2023) (with Mr. Ernest Ng).

A v B & Ors – mareva injunction in aid of foreign proceedings and receivership application (HCCT 61/2023) (with Mr. Ernest Ng).

General Civil and Commercial

Yang Yu Ru v Wan Man Keung & Ors – striking out the Plaintiff’s claims in the sum of HK$100,000,000 in respect of alleged misconducts on the part of the 1st Defendant during the listing of SEM Holdings Ltd (HCA1021/2023) (as sole advocate).

Glory Sun SPC Fund II – Glory Sun High Yield Bond SP & Anor v Sharp Bright International Ltd & Ors acting for the Plaintiff; breach of sale and purchase agreement over listed notes in the principal amount of US$10,000,000 (HCA 820/2022) (as sole counsel).

Acumen Hong Kong Ltd v Kwan Pak Kei Lawton – acting for the Plaintiff; breach of director’s duties (HCA1246/2022) (with Ms. Katy Chung).

Lo Kai Shui v HSBC International Trustee Ltd & Ors acting for the Plaintiff; dispute involving the Lo Family Trust (HCA 404/2018) (led by Mr. Ambrose Ho SC, with Mr. Andrew Lynn and Mr. Adrian Lo).

Re Capital Wealth Finance Company Ltd – acting for two of the Defendants; resisting the setting aside of judgements allegedly obtained by fraud in HCA 238/2018 and HCCL 3/2012 (HCCL 2 & 17/ 2016) (as sole advocate).

Re Estate of Lee Chow Ping – removal of administrator (HCMP 2904/2016) (as sole advocate).

Wang YuJia v Lam Man Chuen – acting for the Defendant; email fraud; P2P cryptocurrency transactions on Binance (DCCJ 2890/2023) (as sole counsel).

Hillsborough Holdings Ltd v Wong Yee Man – trial; assessment of damages [2020] HKDC 920 (as sole advocate).

Written Expert Opinion – Applicability and interpretation of Hong Kong Law for a commercial dispute in Vietnam (as sole counsel).


YMT v WTZ & TWK intervening on behalf of the 2nd Respondent in respect of beneficial ownership over certain properties (FCMC 9320/2022) (as sole advocate).

CWYJ v LTYE trial; opposing a variation of maintenance application [2022] HKFC 65 (with Mr. Benjamin Lam).

YCM v TCSJ trial; ancillary relief (FCMC 10695/2020) (with Mr. Felix Li).

NWSA v CTYT – trial; ancillary relief (FCMC 11524/2017 & 15494/2016) (with Mr. Jonathan ah-weng).


Man Kan Nam v Man Lin Wai & Ors – summary judgement; whether the Man Lin Wai and Man Cho Pak Tso has a credible defence of adverse possession (DCCJ 4804, 6757 & 6759/2020) (as sole advocate).

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