Dr. Amanda Lee

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Year of call: 2018 (Hong Kong)

Rhodes Scholar.  Engineering PhD.  Career Banker.  Now Barrister.

Door Tenant

Amanda is a Rhodes Scholar with a Doctorate in Artificial Intelligence from Oxford.  For over a decade she worked for an investment bank in its London and Hong Kong offices, first as a commodities trading strategist and economist, then as a Quant and the Asia Head of the bank’s over USD100 billion AUM proprietary index platform.

Amanda was a volunteer to the Mandela Rhodes Foundation in South Africa between 2010 and 2013 and has served on the Selection Committee of the Rhodes Scholarship for Hong Kong since 2012.

Amanda is developing a broad practice after serving pupillage with Mr. Douglas Clark, Mr. Graham Harris SC, Mr. Vincent Lung, Mr. Jonathan Wong, and Dr. Gerard McCoy QC SC.

Legal Qualifications:

JD, University of Hong Kong
PCLL, University of Hong Kong

Academic Qualifications:

D. Phil, University of Oxford
B. Eng, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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