Year of call: 1992 (England and Wales), 1993 (Hong Kong)

Dr. P. Y. Lo has been in private practice in Hong Kong for over 25 years. He is experienced in both civil and criminal litigation. His specialisations include the Hong Kong Basic Law, human rights, immigration, judicial review, land and probate and administration of deceased’s estates.

Dr. P. Y. Lo has provided expert opinion on Hong Kong law for the purpose of Mainland Chinese litigation/legal matters and vice versa. He is the General Editor of Hong Kong Cases (a series of law reports) and contributes to the Hong Kong Civil Court Practice and Archbold Hong Kong. He was a member of the Council of the Hong Kong Bar Association in the late 1990s, 2000s and 2010s and the chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association’s Committee on Constitutional Affairs and Human Rights between 2008 and 2018, and is the current chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association’s Committee on Competition Law. He taught constitutional law and administrative law at the University of Hong Kong in the early 2011s. He is published widely, click to view a sample of his publications.

Legal Qualifications:

2012, PhD, The University of Hong Kong
1991, LLB, London School of Economics


Member, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
CEDR accredited mediator
HKMAAL General Panel member

Scholarships, prizes & honourable mentions:

1988, UK/HK Scholarship
2010/11, Li Ka Shing Prize

Judicial/Statutory Body or Other Appointments:

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Review (Inland Revenue Ordinance) (current)
Deputy Chairman of the Administrative Appeals Board (current)
Member of the Chairman panel of the Appeal Tribunal (Buildings) (current)
2000 - 2001, Deputy Magistrate

Languages spoken:

English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Cases involved in:

Comilang v Director of Immigration [2018] 2 HKLRD 534 (CA), [2019] HKCFA 10, [2019] HKCFA 23 

HKSAR v Lai Fu Hing [2015] 2 HKLRD 346 (CA)

Gutierrez v Commissioner of Registration (2014) 17 HKCFAR 518 (CFA)

Suen Mo Joel v Director of Social Welfare [2014] 4 HKLRD 1 (CFI)

Vallejos v Commissioner of Registration (2013) 16 HKCFAR 45 (CFA)

Re BU [2012] 4 HKLRD 417 (CA)

HKSAR v Yuen Sun Wing & Anor [2010] 3 HKLRD 145 (CA)

HKSAR v Yeung Chuen Tai [2010] 4 HKLRD 342 (CA)

Medical Council of Hong Kong v Helen Chan (2010) 13 HKCFAR 248 (CFA)

Lam Kin Sum & Anor v Hong Kong Housing Authority [2005] 3 HKLRD 456 (CA)

Lau Kwok Fai Bernard & Ors v Secretary for Justice (HCAL 177, 180/2002, 10 June 2003) (CFI)

Chan Chi Hung v R [1996] 1 AC 442 (PC)

HKSAR v Ng Kung Siu & Anor (1999) 2 HKCFAR 442 (CFA)

Yin Xiangjiang Simon & Ors v Director of Immigration [1994] 1 HKLR 101 (CA)










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